Frequently Asked Questions

What is [email protected]?


[email protected] is a consumer rewards program for participating merchants and customers who use our app to redeem Gem for products and services.

What are the benefits of offering [email protected] as an option for my customers?


Customers earn rebates of up to 80% back in rewards points. In effect, from the customer perspective this is an 80% discount.

Over time, reward points can be converted to Gem to be redeemed for additional products and services.

Merchants and customers BOTH have the option to compound their Gem to earn up to 6 times the original value.

The more you redeem, the more you are rewarded.

How does [email protected] work?


Using [email protected] is simple:


For Gem received, you have the options to:

Who do I call if I have more questions about [email protected]?


Please fill up the contact form and we will contact you in a short while.