Frequently Asked Questions


What is [email protected]?

[email protected] is a consumer rewards program for participating merchants and customers who use our app to redeem Gems for products and services.


What are the benefits of offering [email protected] as an option for my customers?

Customers earn rebates of up to 80% back in rewards points. In effect, from the customer perspective this is an 80% discount. Each day, a portion of your reward points can be converted to Gems to be redeemed for additional products and services. The more you redeem, the more reward points you receive.


Who is eligible for a MyAladdinz Account?

You have to be at least 18 years of age and have a smartphone.


How do I register a MyAladdinz account?

Please follow the step by step guide found at this link.


How can I change the language?

Tap on “My Aladdinz” – Language


How do I introduce a friend to MyAladdinz?

  1. Tap on the QR code in the top right of your home screen.
  2. Ask your friend to download MyAladdinz and enter your username as the referrer during registration.

What is the Minimum Top up for Gems.

You can top up as little as 1 USD in Gems. Gems can be obtained directly from merchants or from other users in the “Buy and Sell Centre” of the app.


How many Gems can I redeem from Merchants?

To start, you can redeem a maximum of 1000 gems per day with merchants.  But this amount will increase as your reward point balance increases.


Can I transfer my Gems and Rewards Points to others? 

Reward points cannot be transferred, but gems can be transferred to another MyAladdinz user as long as he/she has an existing MyAladdinz account.


How do I transfer Gems to Merchants or other users?

Scan to transfer – You can transfer Gems by scanning a QR Code

Gem Transfer – You can transfer Gems using the username.

Note: For gem transfer you will also need to know the last 4 digits of the recipients mobile number.  This is for verification as once a gem transfer is made, it cannot be reversed.


How can I use my Gems?

You can redeem Gems with participating merchants for products and services. Merchant accounts are identifiable by the blue QR Code.


Where can I see Gem Balance?

Your Gem Balance can be seen at the top of the home screen after logging in to the MyAladdinz app.  You can also see them by tapping on “My Wallet”


How can I see my transactions?

All transactions are listed under “My Wallet.”

Gem transactions are listed under “My Wallet – Gem Wallet”

Reward Point transactions are listed under “My Wallet – Point Wallet”


Where can I see the exchange rate for Gems to local currency?

My Wallet – Exchange rate

Reward Points

How can I convert my Reward Points to Gems?

Each day, beginning at midnight (GMT+8) (once each day) you can log in to the MyAladdinz app and tap on the “Genie in the Lamp” and a percentage of your reward points will be converted to Gems.  For the first 180 days of your account, it is 0.2% per day.  Thereafter, it is 0.1% per day.


How do I earn the rebate in reward points?

Whenever you redeem gems with participating merchants, you automatically receive reward points.


Where can I see my Reward Points Balance?

Your Reward Points Balance can be seen at the top of the home screen after logging in to the MyAladdinz app.  You can also see them by tapping on “My Wallet”


Is MyAladdinz safe to use?

MyAladdinz is designed with safety features such as passwords and a pin code to confirm transactions. For enhanced security, we recommend that you lock your smartphone with a password.


Where can I update my details?

Tap “My Aladdinz” -> Edit Profile


How can I change my password?

  1. Log in to the App. Tap on MyAladdinz > Change Password
  2. If you have forgotten your password, you may tap on the “Forgot your Password?” icon on the login page. You will be prompted to enter your username or mobile number before you can change your password.


How do I change my Pin?

You can Change your pin at “My Aladdinz” – Change Pin


How can I update my mobile number?

Contact [email protected]  Please note that a change of mobile number is subject to approval and will incur a USD $100 transfer fee.


How can I change my username?

A change of username is subject to approval and availability.


How can I find out which merchants accept MyAladdinz Gems?

You can see the list of merchants by tapping “My Aladdinz” – List of Merchants – Apply to Be a Merchant – Merchant Directory


How can I sign up as a merchant?

You must first register for a normal MyAladdinz account.  Once you have registered as a user, you can apply to be a merchant.  You can apply to be a merchant by tapping “My Aladdinz” – List of Merchants – Apply to Be a Merchant to access the application.  Merchants must complete the form and submit it.

Note: You will need your business registration certificate, a scan of your photo ID, and a photo of you holding your photo ID to complete the application.


Does MyAladdinz comply with the DSA (Direct Selling Association)?
MyAladdinz is a Consumer Rewards Program.


Is MyAladdinz Legally Regulated?
As a Consumer Rewards program MyAladdinz does not fall under the current banking or Digital Currency regulations. We do protect your personal data in accordance with Personal Data Protection. We also verify customer identity using KYC “Know Your Customer” to comply with AML regulations.


How long does it take to verify Merchant?
If the application is in order Merchant Verification takes 2 working days (Excludes weekends and public holidays).


How long does it take to list Merchant products or services?
Merchant listing and nature of business / Product category is immediately listed in the app upon merchant approval.


How do merchants or consumers deal with the tax issues?
Merchants should seek qualified tax advice from a certified tax consultant in regard to tax issues.


Is MyAladdinz registered with MLM boards?
MyAladdinz is a Consumer Rewards program.


Where can I get help?

Tap on “My Aladdinz” then Resources Center.  In the “Resources Center” you will find user guides, presentation slides, and other resources to assist you.